Join the MI Network and experience the difference in relationships that meet you where you are to help you get where you’re going. We have 35 years of experience connecting individuals, organizations and communities and promoting the advancement of diverse individuals.

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The MI Network offers a safe environment for developing and nurturing leadership skills and techniques through the exchange of ideas, information and experiences. This exchange is the foundation that allows members to build skills that assist them in achieving greater career upward mobility. MI gives you access to:

Turn ‘small TALK’ into ‘BIG opportunities’ at cross-industry events.

Explore your passions and learn new capabilities.

Build brand YOU by showcasing your talents and expertise.

Cultivate meaningful relationships for guidance and sound advice.

Refine existing skills – and acquire new ones - through practical experience and programs.

Take advantage of an organization used as a recruiting pool for major corporations.

Membership in The MI Network is a sound investment. Members can tap into a host of benefits including:

The Network
Join the network and gain access to our exclusive directory of professionals, companies and community connections.

Real-World Experience
Get practical, hands on experience through leadership opportunities, committee work and program development activities.

Employment and Training Opportunities
Take advantage of job boards, referrals, and educational events.

Save with member discounts on MI products, services and events as well as other offerings from our partners.