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I was first introduced to the MI organization in 1985 by my manager. She thought it would be beneficial for me to attend the Career Conference. She was correct! Prior to attending the conference, I viewed my job as just that, a job. After returning from the conference, I viewed my employment as a career instead of just a job. With MI’s help I was able to build a career that has spanned over 25 years. I have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities in the MI organization on both the local and national levels.

--Barbara Campbell
Other, United Health Group


MI has been a life rewarding experience built on relationships, networking, and career enhancements along with skill sets that have catapulted and cultivated my professional career. I have been involved with MI for 20 plus years and some of my most insightful experiences were those associated with the career conferences. I didn’t realize until after going and being a participant in the career conference of the high impact and rewarding experience that was truly memorable."

--Rodney O. Brown
Distribution Supervisor, PSE&G


As a long time member of Minority Interchange, I have had many opportunities to experience the personal and professional development that the organization has to offer each of its members. When I think of how much I have grown, and all that I have accomplished as a result of many mentors, Professional Networking, and the Career Conferences, I realize what a treasure I have found in this awesome organization. Since 1976, Minority Interchange has provided a safe environment, not only for me, but for many individuals to develop their skills, as well as acquire new ones; and it's because of this personal attention that dreams are being realized and goals are being accomplished. That is why I support MI and I am confident that once you experience MI, you will too!"

--Karoline Bethea-Jones
Author/Publisher/Playright, Freelancer


When I started my 25 year career at Prudential, I was coming from the steel mills of Indiana as an apprentice machinist. There was no one in my family that could help me navigate through the minefields and unwritten rules of corporate success. Not long after being transferred to Minneapolis, MN., I was invited to a MI board meeting and the rest is history. I took advantage of volunteer opportunities for leadership roles and committee work. I will never forget my first career conference where I got the chance to hear and meet Les Brown, the motivational speaker, and Alan Pinado, a founding member of MI that gave me my first real insights into the unwritten rules. I was mentored by senior leaders of Prudential and built and maintained relationships through MI that are thriving today. I owe the greater portion of whatever success I achieved in my career to MI and its premier sponsor, Prudential. I can never give back enough to MI to equal what I have received!"

--Connie Dillon
President, The MI Network


I joined MI when I was layed off from my job of 15 years. I had been exposed to the organization many years ago, but had lost touch. MI welcomed back with open arms. During such a tramatic time in my life, volunteering with MI gave me a way to keep my skills sharp and continue buidling my resume. I was even able to earn credits towards my professional certifications. I am employed now, but I am certain that without MI my future would not be as bright.

--Nakia Kearse
Project Manager, Vertex Incorporated